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Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Sense of Wheels is a provider of Asset as well as remote asset tracking and tracing systems. We offer a wide range of complete solutions which include Fleet Management, Anti Theft Fuel System, Fuel Pump Automation System, Automatic Tank Measurement which can be readily deployed in varied industries ranging from Manufacturing, Construction, Heavy Earth Moving Machinery, Logistics, School Transportation, Mining Industries. Our focus is on solving our customers pain points and understanding their needs ... Read More

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What is fleet management?


Fleet management is one of the most prominent types of business operations that addresses every aspect of commercial vehicles performance tracking and maintenance as well as real-time driving behavior, safety, and schedule supervision.

Fleet management practices help companies keep an eye on the key fleet metrics, such as journey time, speed, fuel consumption, etc. and ensure driver’s compliance with the working instructions in place. In the scenario when there are dozens of vehicles managed by the company, Our IoT-powered fleet management software can significantly reduce manual labour by automating collection of vehicle real-time data and providing managers with an up-to-date 360 degree view on their current fleet disposition, performance, and schedule.

Despite the fact that GPS-tracking has been around for years already as well as applications for calculating schedules, generating timesheets, and managing tasks, IoT technology has brought a new dimension to fleet management. This new dimension is collecting diverse vehicle data in real time, such as fuel consumption, tyre pressure, idle time, temperature conditions for cargo, etc. to analyze the vehicle’s current performance and get notified immediately upon any abnormality. To empower you with the maximum flexibility as to what data you need to view, Our Fleet Management Solution allows you to connect and collect any sensor data from the vehicle with the most suitable graphical widget to display that data.


What you can do with iTech Scout Labs Solutions Private Limited’s Fleet Management Solutions (Sense of Wheels)


  • Connect vehicle GPS trackers, meters, etc. to the cloud
  • Track location, speed, fuel consumption, ETA in real time
  • Analyze historical data on fuel consumption, journey time
  • Set up automated alerts for geofencing, idle time, maintenance, speeding, etc
  • Manage access rights depending on the user role
  • Integrate fleet management with other IoT solutions


Fleet management use cases


Fleet management software is widely used by logistics companies, fleet operators, car sharing and taxi operators, marine fleet companies, and large companies supply chain units. They all have many in common when it comes to vehicle tracking, but also some unique needs.

That’s why using a flexible solution that allows for broad customization can be as pivotal as the functionality provided by the software vendor out of the box. The following use cases represent the components of iTech Scout Labs Solutions Private Limited’s IoT-powered fleet management tool.


1. Vehicle performance tracking and maintenance

Vehicle’s performance data tracking is the best way to prevent malfunctions, reduce maintenance cost, and minimize downtime. Something as simple as measuring tyre pressure or ensuring the doors are locked can prevent unwanted accidents and money loss. Optimizing fuel consumption is another part of improving the vehicle’s value for the company. This can be achieved with the help of a fleet management solution by monitoring actual consumption data, enforcing eco-friendly driving behavior, and optimizing routes.

Even when something goes wrong, the solution can help you take timely actions by immediately notifying you about the details and thus minimizing any losses. As to long-term improvements for your fleet operations, a proper solution may provide you with historical analysis to illustrate how any given practices contributed to improved efficiency or, on the contrary, are eating away at your budget.

Some of the key features for vehicle performance tracking include:

  • Collecting vehicle health data from multiple devices, such as vehicle dashboard computer logs, tyres pressure, doors lock, fuel / oil level, etc.
  • Optimizing fuel consumption by tracking actual usage and enforcing economical usage
  • Ensuring predictive maintenance with timely notifications about any abnormalities or signs of malfunction
  • Vehicle lifecycle management, including maintenance scheduling, based on historical performance analytics


2. Drivers supervision

By collecting vehicle real-time data, a fleet management solution enables you to ensure proper driving and compliance with your company’s rules for drivers. This commonly includes tracking a vehicle’s location, preventing speeding and unnecessary idle time, or ensuring drivers have enough rest to protect their own safety and prevent potential accidents. Our fleet management solution can automatically process this data and send alerts when any parameter exceeds a preset threshold. The collected driver data can also be used to generate accurate timesheets, calculate overtime, and ensure transparent accounting in general.

Some of the key features for driver supervision include:

  • Collecting real-time driving and location related data
  • Set up automated alerts for geofencing, idle time, maintenance, speeding, etc.
  • Feed drivers trip data into a task management system to generate timesheets, reports, and payrolls
  • Ensure drivers safety, balanced workload, and proper rest


3. Optimized planning and scheduling

Collecting comprehensive vehicle and driving data as well as applying analytics on top of it makes our fleet management tools indispensable for fleet efficiency optimization. By having a full picture of driver workloads, fleet locations, and activity status, managers can make more informed decisions. When there’s a large fleet of vehicles at hand, this data can drive operational complexity down by orders of magnitude. At the end of the day, it means fewer people can manage larger fleets, contradicted workloads can be quickly spotted and resolved, and any contingencies are acted upon in due time.

For strategic growth and improvement, having powerful analytics as standard in your fleet management solution will enable you to see trends over time. Learning these trends will help you build efficient fleet management practices that are in tune with your company’s unique profile, vision, and needs.

Some of the key features for optimized planning and scheduling include:

  • Multiple user roles and responsibilities
  • Consolidated data for any fleet size with the ability to drill down into a specific asset
  • Configuring custom analytics reports based on collected data
  • Integration with other systems or IoT solutions, such as asset management, cargo tracking, task management, etc.

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