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Mining Production Management System

Mining Production Management System

SoW Mining Web and App Platform is designed to carry out daily mining operations with transparency & control. It brings all key persons and communications to a single platform that helps the organization to better manage the daily tasks and improve the overall efficiency and productivity ... Read More

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A variety of factors, including constantly depleting natural resources, increased focus on mine worker safety and higher operational costs have put a tremendous pressure on the Mining industry to look at technological advancements to introduce efficiencies in the mining process.

Improvements in wired and wireless network connectivity, quality and reliability of sensors and their proven use in hazardous environments like nuclear plants or oil rigs have shown that the benefits of IoT could be applied to the mining industry as well.


End to End Optimization Across the Mining Value Chain


ITech Scout Labs Solutions’ Mining Production Management Platform can easily IoT-enable and help optimize different aspects of your entire mining process, starting from prospecting and exploration to production and reclamation. By intelligent, contextual and real-time monitoring of your assets, workers, events and conditions, applying smart rules and initiating the appropriate action automatically, whether it is rerouting a robotic digger or initiating a trouble ticket for an excavator, Our Production Management System helps you remotely and automatically manage and optimize your mining operations.


IoT in Mining - Application Areas


Mine Operations Management


  • Monitor ambient conditions of your mines, configure business rules and apply contextualized threshold values to detect hazardous conditions like the presence of toxic gases, excessive moisture or oxygen, etc.
  • Geo-fenceyour mine, track and control movement of your human and capital assets, raise alerts when assets approach the geo-fence boundary.
  • Automatically switch on exhaust fans or shut down a tunnel based on real-time, triangulated data pulled from sensors in the mines.
  • Automatically identify and log regulatory breaches and integrate with regulatory reporting systems for automated reporting.


Asset Management


  • Remotely & automatically monitor the health of your capital assets.
  • Apply intelligent rules to predict asset failure and prevent downtime.
  • Integrate with your back-office ERP systems and automatically initiate preventative maintenance tickets or requests.
  • Geo-track the location of all assets and optimize their work operations.


Worker Safety


  • Track the location of all mine workers at any time.
  • Immediately identify incidents like leaks, flares and ambient toxicity and initiate evacuation.
  • Ensure workers are at the right place at the right time or moved away to safety, if necessary.


Logistics & Transportation


  • Reduce & control material handling cost by tracking transportation of ore and waste during the Production stage, optimizing the number of trips taken to move the material and increasing the asset utilization at reduced run-cost.
  • Increased real-time accuracy of inventory by maintaining an automated audit trail of every movement of the material at different stages.
  • Automate supply chain processes, on either side of demand and supply, in integration with ERP systems.

Multiple Dashboards

A smart dashboard that shows you the complete production overview (Live / Date selectable ).

Real Time / Back dated shift efficiency and utilization snapshot

Finding your star/poor performers to incorporate rewards and motivation culture which in turns

Trip Monitoring & Performance

A smart dashboard that shows you the complete production overview (Live / Date selectable ).

App Impressions



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